Ingénieur en télécommunication , éléctronicien de formation. Je peux vous proposer mes sercices dans différentes tâches.
code MM-BE-201712-516 on en Belgique

Plus de dix années d'expérience principalent auprès d'opérateur de télécommunication avec une expértise comme ingénieur radio mais en passant par l'IP et la relation clientèle. J'ai égalmement de l'expérience en tant que technico-commercial

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Opérateurs de Télécom

Fields of practice:
Radio, IP, electronique

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Direction Générale Direction Securite Informatique Autre

Types of interventions:
Comception et maintenance

Training courses attended:
Ingénierie Radio design et optimisation.
Ingénierie IP

Ingénieur en électronique


Led training courses:

Computer skills:

Languages: Fr En Nl

Some references:

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Radio Network Engineer

Working experience:

Ø 12/2016 – 12/2017

RF Engineer consultant Bouygues Telecom – Environment Ericsson Equipment
– Paris France

-Performing the radio planning and design
for 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 4G (including MIMO) radio access networks in Paris region.

-Planning new sites or other network
extensions in a geographical part of the region.

-Defining search zones for negotiators.

-Evaluating the candidates using the Atoll
prediction tool.

-Finding and approving candidates for new
sites, participate in the technical review on site, making the initial antenna configuration
design, approving technical drawings.

- Participating in the preparation for the
templates used by partners in order to make simulations (Atoll Coverage,
pollution prediction and all the parameters that should set with Atoll).

-Auditing externalized sites (drawing,
initial hardware configuration, boards inside the B-cube,etc)

-Participation in the elaboration and
validation of technical documents concerning unloading of sites in term of
capacity (population and surface) according to present and future load.

Ø 01/2013 –08/2016

RF Engineer consultant for
Belgacom. - Environment Huawei Equipment
– Brussels belgium

-Performing the radio planning and design
for 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 4G radio access networks.

-Planing new sites or other network
extensions in a geographical part of the country.

-Evaluating the candidates using the Atoll
prediction tool.

-Finding and approving candidates for new
sites, participate in the technical review on site, making the initial antenna
configuration design, approving technical drawings, consolidating all
information’s needed to order the health report to make sure that the design is
compliant with the health norm in use in the region

- Ordering specific vendor radio equipment
and defining radio parameters with final site configuration.

-Defining RF parameters for site
integration (neighbouring, frequency planning,..)

-Validating the site in terms of coverage
and quality when on air (optimization).

-Assure a perfect reflection of the
access network configuration in the design databases and adapt power if recommended by the health

-Analyzing the Drive test using TEMS
and Actix

-Providing final validation of the site
by analyzing KPI's using PRS (Huawei tool).

-Managing discrepanties between OMC
(M2000 Huawei) and databases.

optimization using Huawei OMC (M2000)

-Make revenue
calculations in order to justify the cost benefit of building a new sit

Ø 11/2011 –08/2012

CNS (costumer network support) engineer- Ericsson- Brussels Belgium

Supporting costumer with second line
collaboration on trouble tickets related to Ericsson equipments such as
GGSN,SGSN and Redback routers.

Costumers: KPNGB, Mobistar, Belgacom, Vodafone NL

Participation on an integration of a SGSN in
KPNGB network.

407/2010 –10/2011

IP implementer engineer- Ericsson ( KPNGB Network) – Brussels Belgium

Implementation of ORQ’s as per IP design team

Implementation is done on MSBB and CDN network:
Cisco and Huawei routers and switches, Bluecoat Proxies, Infoblox DNS, ACS tacacs, Netscreen and checkpoint firewalls

On duty 24/7

Ø 02/2008 –06/2010 :

RF design Engineer -
Ericsson (Mobistar Network) –
Environment Huawei and Nortel – Brussels Belgium

2G and 3G acquisition

the proposed candidates (field strength prediction using Asset planning
tool, field survey, etc…) and perform a ranking among the proposed

-Calculation of the scorings according to
Mobistar marketing requests using Mapinfo and Asset.

of Drafts on site ( making decision on the site location, antenna choice azimuths,tilt)

-Drawings validation on an RF point of

-Presentation of reports when requested by

-Making the interface between Ericsson and
the subcontractors.

3G Optimization

-Pre-Optimization, Site Verification and
integration (isolated and in cluster):

-Evaluation using predictive coverage plots
with Asset and integration using Actix AnalyzerSC,RSCP, Ec/Io,

-Overlap, Pilot Pollution, 3G2G and 3G3G
mobility, Tx Power, DL throughput, Modes

3G Worst
cells lists and Trouble shootings:

Accessibility, Retainability, Mobility,
Quality and Traffic (AMR, Video, R99, HSDPA, HSUPA) using Metrica Alternative
(Access tool).


-Dimensioning of the mobile
network at regional level on the basis of geo-marketing objectives

- Macro cells and micro cells design
following Mobistar processes and methods and procedures, the engineering rules
and cost guidelines.

-Perform the radio engineering (radio
configuration, traffic configuration, type of equipment, etc).

-Prepare and ensure a good integration of
new sites, sectorisations, capacity extensions and sites move into the existing network.

- Anticipate and analyze the traffic
problems and propose solutions

- Keep track of databases

-Frequency planning using Ortelius
tools (Orange group specific). BCCH, BSIC, GPRS configuration, SFH, MA Lists, HSN, MAIO and neighbors
declaration .

-GSM Drive tests requests and analysis
using MapInfo and Actix Analyzer

-Detect and analyze network quality
problems (Customer Trouble Tickets).

-Daily Worst Cells Lists
checking based on Metrica: Sdcch and Tch indicators, congestions,HO
reasons, dropped calls, TRXs path balance……)

-Perform the optimization of parameters
and aerials, HO traffic (Nortel), tilt, azimuths.

Ø 06/2007- 11/2007 :

Sales Field Engineer - Electronic resources ( Dublin- Ireland)

-Organisation of technical visits at the client site in order to present
various electronic components and solutions (acquisitions cards, transistors,
chokes, RFID, etc).

support to client's engineers to help them with the design.

Ø 02/2006- 06/2007 :

Bilingual technical support analyst (French/English) - Sykes ( Shannon- Ireland)

- providing first and second level technical
support by phone and email for Sony
computers, Aibo robots and palms
to end users and companies

Technical skills:

Networks :  TCP/IP protocols, routing protocols, firewalls configuration

 Public
networks: GSM,EDGE,UMTS, LTE Gigabit Ethernet.

Telecom: optical fibres, GSM,EDGE,UMTS,LTE,Gigabit
Ethernet, aerials, lines, digital

RF Sotwares and tools: Asset ,
Atoll, Mapinfo,Metrica,Actix,Tems, PRS

Development and programming
languages:  Object oriented

 C, C++, Assembler.

Electronic Design Software:  VHDL: digital

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